How Does Expensify Work?

Managing expenses can be a time-consuming process. There is a lot of paperwork and data entry involved in tracking the money that your company is spending. Expensify can help you streamline your business’s expense reimbursement process. Expensify makes it easy to manage employee expenses by providing a comprehensive expense management system. Expensify provides real-time reports on expenses.

How Does Expensify Work

With Expensify, you can submit receipts to your accounting software or to your accountant. You can also use Expensify’s mobile app to track mileage and expenses. The mobile app includes a GPS feature that automatically tracks distance. This helps you avoid writing down odometer readings.

You can also use the Expensify Smart Scan tool to scan receipts and add notes to your reports. The Smart Scan tool uses intelligent coding to help you categorize your receipts. You can also manually enter receipt details into Expensify’s receipt queue. Expensify also provides OCR software that is second to none. Expensify provides tax support for international businesses. Expensify is GDPR compliant.

You can connect multiple policies and policies to your Expensify account. You can also choose to set up a manual reimbursement threshold to automatically approve expenses under a specified amount. Expensify also automatically codes recurring expenses. Using this feature, you can identify non-reimbursable expenses in a matter of minutes. Expensify can help you avoid fraud and streamline your expense reimbursement process. You can also set up approval workflows to make the process more efficient.

With Expensify, you can set up an ACH account that can be used to pay bills. You can also use Expensify to submit expenses directly to QuickBooks. You can also export transactions to a CSV file. Expensify is compatible with Xero and QuickBooks accounting software. You can also download the Expensify Sync Manager to connect your QuickBooks accounting software to Expensify.

Expensify allows you to track mileage, deductible expenses, and other business expenses. Expensify also offers a mobile app that lets you submit reports on the go. You can also create rules for your categories, allowing you to quickly find what you need when you need it. You can also customize your expense policy, so that you can quickly identify and reimburse employees. You can also review and flag submissions that violate your policy.

Expensify offers four plans for your business. Each plan comes with a different number of SmartScans. For example, if you have a free plan, you will have 25 SmartScans per month. You can also upgrade to an unlimited number of SmartScans if you purchase a plan. There are also free plans for sole proprietors and individual businesses. Expensify also offers a free Expensify Card, which is a card that your employees can use to pay for purchases. You do not have to use the Expensify Card, though.

Expensify has an extensive community. The Expensify community can help you master the platform and learn how to get more done. Expensify also offers training videos. You can also contact the concierge by clicking the blue icon.