What Is Zoho Used For?

Using Zoho’s CRM, you can automate operational tasks and streamline lead generation. You can also customize your Zoho CRM to match your business’s needs. You can create customized modules, add data fields, customize layouts, and edit permissions. You can export your CRM reports in CSV or Excel formats. You can also integrate Zoho with other software and applications.

What Is Zoho Used For

Zoho’s mobile app syncs data instantly when you connect to your network. It includes collaboration features and extensive contact management features. You can use it to reach your leads and track key metrics anytime and anywhere. The Zoho mobile app is tightly integrated with Android and iOS operating systems. Zoho’s mobile app supports a number of business-critical metrics such as contact volume, lead volume, and deal volume.

Zoho’s dashboard is easy to use and customizable. You can toggle between a classic homepage view and a personalized view. You can also create custom buttons and page layouts. Zoho offers an extensive amount of online documentation, including detailed how-to guides. You can also attend live webinars and training sessions. You can also customize your Zoho dashboard to prioritize your open tasks. Zoho also offers pop-up notifications to keep your team on track. You can also select from hundreds of integrations.

Zoho’s customer support is available on four different plans, and support is promised as fast as one hour. Zoho’s customer service plans are offered in more than 28 languages, and support for different global currencies is also available. The company also offers paid courses, training videos, and e-books.

Zoho’s CRM empowers a global network of over 150,000 businesses in 180 countries. The company’s software is available in three subscription models. It’s free for one person to use Zoho, and you can pay a monthly fee to access the entire Zoho suite. The lowest plan, the Standard plan, includes access to a library of 100,000 records and reports. It also offers toll-free customer support. It is also possible to purchase the Zoho Premium plan, which includes product onboarding, configuration assistance, and quarterly reporting. Zoho also provides a developer sandbox, which allows you to test and develop applications before integrating them with Zoho.

Zoho’s CRM includes more than 40 native apps and more than a hundred integrated business applications. You can also integrate Zoho with Salesforce, Google productivity products, and other native software and applications. Zoho CRM also supports telephony integration. It can automatically log calls with notes. You can also use Zoho’s PhoneBridge feature to integrate your phone system with Zoho CRM. Zoho also supports data migration from other CRM systems.

Zoho’s mobile app is a fast, user-friendly, and streamlined app that allows you to reach your leads from anywhere. It supports Android and iOS operating systems, and it syncs data instantly when you connect to a network. Zoho’s mobile app has conversational AI and enhanced reporting features. You can import contacts from your mobile phone with Zoho’s business card scanner. You can also create custom templates for email campaigns, mail merges, invoices, and quotes.