VitalSource – The Digital Textbook Provider of Choice for Higher Ed Institutions

Whether it’s reading an electronic textbook or evaluating the learning experience of a course, VitalSource is the digital textbook provider of choice for thousands of Higher Ed institutions worldwide. It delivers interactive learning experiences through a variety of platforms and makes it easy for educators to create, distribute, and deliver affordable content.

VitalSource - The Digital Textbook Provider of Choice for Higher Ed Institutions

VitalSource works with thousands of academic publishers and offers a complete catalog of etextbooks. It also provides accessibility solutions for people with disabilities, and offers industry leading analytics. The company delivers learning experiences to millions of active users worldwide. A variety of etexts are available, including textbooks, study guides, and test prep materials. They are available for download and offline use. The etexts are accessible through Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Modules, and Blackboard Courses. The company also offers a wide range of econtent platforms, including the Bookshelf platform, which offers access to course materials for students and educators.

The Bookshelf platform supports content from more than 7500 academic publishers, including the University of Texas System, University of Minnesota Bookstore, and Barnes & Noble Education. It is supported on PCs, Macs, Android devices, and Kindle Fire. The Bookshelf application supports common touch gestures and Bluetooth keyboards. The app can also be used with VoiceOver voice controls. The application has been tested by 25,000 students. In addition, the company has expanded its Bookshelf platform, adding new features and functionality.

One of the key features of the Bookshelf platform is the CoachMe question engine, which is powered by VitalSource SmartStart question-generation engine. These questions are designed to help students develop subject matter expertise and deepen learning. They are based on the principle known as the “Doer Effect,” which proves that students who practice while reading have higher learning gains. It also uses AI-generated questions to evaluate learning comprehension and help students build confidence.

Bookshelf CoachMe is available to students at no additional cost. The questions are powered by VitalSource SmartStart, which provides question-generation engine that uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality interactives for eTexts. Using artificial intelligence, the questions are equally effective as the ones generated by human experts. The questions help students identify areas of focus, deepen subject matter expertise, and build confidence. They are also integrated with the Bookshelf platform to provide a customized experience for students.

The Bookshelf platform is available to students and instructors through their LMS or campus-level integrations. The platform provides customized Bookshelf tools and a range of tools for students. It is available to students on PCs, Macs, Android devices, Kindle Fire, and iOS. It also features text-to-speech capabilities, speed controls, and pause read-aloud playback. It can also be accessed from the lock screen. Upon launching the application, users will be asked to sign in with their VitalSource account. Once signed in, they can select a book and view it or click on a book’s cover to preview it.

Students can download and read VitalSource e-textbooks using the Bookshelf app or Blackboard Learn. The application is available in English, and is compatible with PCs, Macs, Android devices, Chromebooks, and Kindle Fire. It also has built-in Text to Speech capabilities, so users can read selected sentences, and can skip forward and backward. The application is also compatible with Bluetooth keyboards and Voiceover screen readers.