Toptal Review

Founded in November 2010, Toptal is a global freelance marketplace that specializes in connecting businesses with top freelancers. They offer a variety of services including financial modeling, project management, and creative services. Their motto is “top-quality, top-of-class.” Toptal claims to hire the top 3% of freelancers in the world.

Toptal Review

Unlike other freelancer marketplaces, Toptal is a quality-first company. It has grown to become the largest fully remote company in the world. In addition to its impressive growth, Toptal has garnered a lot of positive reviews on Sitejabber. Some reviews include a 3.89 stars rating out of 9.

Toptal boasts a robust talent pool of over 12,000 freelancers, with no recruiting fees and a no-risk trial period. Users can search for freelance talent, specify a type of freelancer, and even specify their level of time commitment. In addition to the usual credit card payments, Toptal also accepts PayPal, ACH payments, and bank wires.

Toptal offers a no-risk, two-week trial period for new users. The company claims that it is the only company in the world to offer this service. During this trial, you won’t have to pay Toptal for any work, but you will have to pay the company’s service fee, which varies depending on the type of work you’re looking for.

Toptal offers five different types of talent: product owners, project consultants, developers, financial experts, and designers. It’s also worth noting that Toptal offers a number of specialties not found on other freelancer sites.

The Toptal staff has a lot of experience in the field, and they’re well-equipped to match businesses with the best possible freelancers. The site also has a number of helpful tools, including a talent search, weekly blog posts, and weekly email newsletters.

Toptal offers a two-week no-risk trial period for new users, and you can get a free $150 Amazon gift card during that time. Once you sign up for a Toptal account, you’ll be asked to fill out a short survey. The TopTal staff will then contact you to learn more about your project and what you’re looking for. The company’s talent scouting efforts are a bit less extensive than Upwork, but they are still better than most other freelancer marketplaces.

Toptal is worth a look for the high quality of their freelance talent. They have a streamlined process that allows you to find the best freelancers. And with a little bit of legwork, you’ll quickly discover how it all works.

Although Toptal’s talent scouting efforts are more robust than those of many other freelancer marketplaces, the company isn’t cheapest. The fees are higher than those found on services such as Fiverr or Upwork, but it pays to be selective. This is a good thing, as you won’t have to deal with low-quality work. You’ll also save money in the long run.

Toptal also has a streamlined hiring process. They only accept applicants with the best credentials. You’ll need to provide a name, email address, and specialty. During the interview process, you’ll be asked a series of questions about your project and your skill set.