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Director Tom Berger has announced the cast of Studio Players’ upcoming production of The Rocky Horror Show. The cast includes returning Studio Players actors Hannah Benton (The Laramie Project), Koral Rose Curkeet (Extremities), Sarah Huebner (Dog Sees God), and Timmy Wiverstad (Dog Sees God). The complete cast list follows.

Dr. Frank ‘N Furter – Scott Schmidt
Brad – David Quinn
Janet – Hannah Benton
Riff Raff – Duncan Doherty
Magenta – Koral Rose Curkeet
Columbia – Sarah Huebner
Eddie / Dr. Scott – Timmy Wiverstad
Narrator – Lee Trotta
Rocky – Sean Lavallee
Phantoms – Jennifer Wunderlin, Caylee Sparks, Tiffany Bauer

The Rocky Horror Show opens on Thursday, October 29, at 7:30 p.m. Performances continue on Friday, October 30 & Saturday, October 31 at 7:30 p.m., with a special performance at midnight on Saturday, October 31. Tickets can be purchased online at


Pictured: EXTREMITIES (No Spoilers)

Photos taken by Kirt Graves during dress rehearsal for Studio Players’ Extremities on Monday, October 20, 2014. Pictured are Michelle Jorgensen (Marjorie), Mike Roehl (Raul), Jennifer Schleinz (Terry), and Koral Rose Curkeet (Patricia).

Meet the Cast: Koral Rose Curkeet

koralcurkeetheadshotName: Koral Rose Curkeet

Role: Patricia

Last seen in: Roz Keith in  9 to 5: The Musical & Mrs. Corney in Oliver (STC)

Who is your character in Extremities, and what’s challenging about bringing him/her to life?

Patricia…is so different from any I’ve portrayed. I’m used to being larger-than-life (in my theatrical roles as well as my own personality) and Patricia is calm and more controlled. It’s an exciting challenge.

What aspects of your character are part of you?

Patricia is a nurturing person. I too have nurturing qualities. Also, after years as a charge nurse, the “take control” aspect is comfortable to me.

How is this show different from other shows you’ve done?

Being a singer, I am used to fluff roles. Don’t get me wrong, I love musicals, but most of those characters are a bit 2 dimensional. Marjorie, Patty and Terry could be your old roommates or friends. What they say, how they interact, it feels like real life.

Extremities was written and performed in the early 1980s. Is the subject matter still relevant today? How has the conversation about rape & assault changed in the last 20 years?

Yes! The issues remain the same. It’s scary to think that 97% of rapists are never incarcerated. And … I was surprised about this fact … most college students think 50% of rape claims are false, but the reality is only 2 – 8%. You’d think we’d be more knowledgeable with how connected we are to the internet and the many shows such as Special Victims Unit. If CSI can teach us “how to get away with murder”, why can’t SVU help educate our society on the facts of rape?

Have your personal views on sexual assault been challenged since being cast? If so, how?

No. I know too many people who have first hand knowledge of this. I’ve seen the damage it can cause years afterwards. There are some wounds that never heal. You just hide it away, smile, move on and accept it as a normal part of life.

Without giving anything away, what’s your favorite line of dialogue from the play?

“I don’t want to flinch when a man touches me. I won’t wear a goddamn whistle.”

What is the audience going to be thinking about as they drive home after seeing this show?

Hopefully they’ll be more knowledgeable about this subject. Maybe leave wondering what they would do in the same situation.


Extremities runs October 23-25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Paradigm Annex. Tickets are available now online or in person at Paradigm Coffee & Music. This show contains mature themes and is intended for an adult audience.