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THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE WATSON INTELLIGENCE Will Play One Week Earlier Than Originally Announced

In order to avoid conflicts with other performances happening in the Paradigm music venue and other local theatrical productions, Studio Players’ production of The Curious Case of the Watson Intelligence will play March 10-12 at 7:30 p.m., one week earlier than originally announced.


Watson was a 2014 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and explores society’s changing relationship with objects through the lives of four notable Watsons.

Watson: trusty sidekick to Sherlock Holmes; loyal engineer who built Bell’s first telephone; unstoppable super-computer that became reigning Jeopardy! champ; amiable techno-dweeb who, in the present day, is just looking for love.

These four constant companions become one in this brilliantly witty, time-jumping, loving tribute (and cautionary tale) dedicated to the people—and machines—upon which we all depend.

Watson will close Studio Players’ fourth season. The seasons begins with The Rocky Horror Show on October 29, 2015.

For more information on Studio Players, contact

Pictured: EXTREMITIES (No Spoilers)

Photos taken by Kirt Graves during dress rehearsal for Studio Players’ Extremities on Monday, October 20, 2014. Pictured are Michelle Jorgensen (Marjorie), Mike Roehl (Raul), Jennifer Schleinz (Terry), and Koral Rose Curkeet (Patricia).

Meet the Cast: Bang, Marry, Kill with the cast of EXTREMITIES

The cast of Extremities sat down to discuss what it’s like working with one another, and then they had to play a game of Bang, Marry, Kill. “This is really awkward,” said Michelle Jorgensen. We know, and we hope you enjoy.

Extremities runs October 23-25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Paradigm Annex. Tickets are available now online or in person at Paradigm Coffee & Music. This show contains mature themes and is intended for an adult audience.

Anatomy of a Fight Scene: Raul’s Attack in EXTREMITIES

Sheboygan Theatre Company Managing Director Tom Berger walks us through the creation of a fight scene for the upcoming Extremities through Studio Players. As an integral part of the show, the violence in Extremities must be rehearsed so that the audience can be convinced but the actors remain safe.

Extremities runs October 23-25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Paradigm Annex. Tickets are available now online or in person at Paradigm Coffee & Music. This show contains mature themes and is intended for an adult audience.

EXTREMITIES Playwright William Mastrosimone is a master of the modern drama

William Mastrosimone Photo Credit G. Paul Burnett/ The New York Times 30 July 2006

“In May of 1978 I met a fifty-five year old woman. For convenience, let’s call her Mary. Her face was cut, swollen and bruised. I didn’t realize it then, but our conversation would alter the course of my life.”

So begins the account of writing Extremities by playwright William Mastrosimone found in the script provided by Samuel French. The Emmy-award-winning writer and Extremities playwright shares the story of meeting Mary, who had been raped when she startled a nineteen year old burglar who had entered her home in the middle of the night. Mastrosimone details the humiliating process that Mary endured to report the assault, identify her assailant, and tell her story in front of a judge and jury. Her attacker was charming and appeared clean cut. While there was evidence of a rape, there was not enough evidence to prove that he had committed the crime.

As Mary’s attacker left the courtroom, he threatened her again. She lived in fear, until one night she bought a plane ticket to the other side of the country so she could feel safe. Before leaving, she visited Mastrosimone. He writes:

On her way to the airport, Mary stopped by to say goodbye to me. If she hadn’t, “Extremities” would not exist. She thanked me for listening. We shook hands and parted. As she walked through the door, something possessed her to stop and turn and say: “There was a moment during the rape when the animal stopped and reached for one of my cigarettes on the night table . . . He couldn’t reach it . . . He put one foot on the floor . . . At that moment I knew I could kick him and hurt him . . . The moment waited for me . . . But I just lay there . . . Paralyzed . . . Maybe it was that I was just brought up not to hurt anybody . . . Maybe it was that I was too afraid that if I didn’t hurt him enough, he’d kill me . . . I don’t know . . . I did nothing . . . He lit a cigarette, raped me again and then beat me with a lamp . . . I will think about that moment for the rest of my life . . . I will fantasize about what would have happened . . . No I can see myself hurting him . . . And hurting him some more . . . It’s hard for me to admit that I love to hear his scream . . . I should have acted . . . I would’ve got real justice . . . Not to act is to have to live with a coward for the rest of your life . . . If I had five minutes in a locked room with him now . . . ”

Mary did not finish her sentence. Extremities was written to fill in the blank she left.

william mastrosimone

William Mastrosimone displays his awards during a visit to his alma mater, Rider University. Photo Credit: The Rider News, 20 Sept 2007

Mastrosimone began writing Extremities at midnight that night and had completed the script before 3:00 p.m. Over the course of several years, he struggled to get the play produced professionally, and so Extremities found its legs in amateur productions — some of which were protested or had to fight off attempts to ban the work. After several more community theatre productions, it moved to a prestigious regional theatre, then Broadway and eventually became a movie.

Mastrosimone has also found success in other mediums tackling other difficult subject matter. Following an incident at his son’s school, he wrote Bang, Bang You’re Dead, a play about school violence which was later adapted for television and for which Mastrosimone won two Emmy awards. He also wrote Into the West and The Burning Season, both of which were also nominated for Emmys.

Ultimately, though, Mastrosimone considers himself a playwright. “In theater, you can do as you please. You don’t reach a lot of people, but smart people go to theater and you’re reaching the smart people,” said Mastrosimone in a 2007 interview that appeared in his college newspaper.†

Extremities will be performed October 23-25 at the Paradigm Annex in Sheboygan. Tickets are $10.00 and are available now online or in person at Paradigm Coffee and Music.


† “Theater Talk: From Struggling writer to Emmy winner, Mastrosimone returns to his roots,” Jessica Decina, The Rider News 20 Sept 2007

Cast of EXTREMITIES Announced


Director Shari Roehl has completed casting for Studio Players’ production of Extremities, by William Mastrosimone, to be performed at the Paradigm Annex October 23-25. The cast is:

Raul Mike Roehl
Marjorie Michelle Miller Jorgensen
Patricia Koral Rose Curkeet
Terry Jennifer Schleinz

Extremities tackles the subject of rape in an uncompromising dialogue between a potential victim (Marjorie), her attacker (Raul), and her friends (Patricia and Terry), who have to decide how much of Marjorie’s story to believe. The audience plays witness to both the attempted rape and the fraught aftermath.

Tickets for Extremities are $10.00 and are available now online or in person at Paradigm Coffee & Music.

Auditions for EXTREMITIES Announced


Auditions for Studio Players’ second show of the 2014-2015 season, Extremities by William Mastrisimone, will be held Saturday, September 13 from 12:00-3:00 p.m. at Horace Mann Middle School. Director Shari Roehl is seeking three women (20s-early 30s) and one man (30s-40s) for this jolting drama that explores the fraught aftermath of an attempted rape and the lengths to which the intended victim would go for revenge. Actors will read from selected scenes. Perusal scripts are available through STC Managing Director Tom Berger at 607 S. Water Street in Sheboygan.

Any questions regarding auditions can be sent to


Studio Players Announces its 3rd Season


Studio Players is pleased to announce shows for it’s upcoming 3rd season. The following shows will be presented at the Paradigm Annex.

The season kicks off with Greater Tuna, written by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard. This ambitious comedy features two actors playing over 20 roles as they portray the hilarious lives of citizens in small town Tuna, TX. Greater Tuna made it’s off-Broadway premier in 1982, and was one of the most produced plays in the country by 1985. The original acting duo performed for President George H.W. Bush and starred in an HBO adaptation of the play. Greater Tuna will play July 17-19, 2014.

Extremities, by William Mastrisimone, tells the story of a young woman, Marjorie, who is attacked in her home by a would-be rapist, Raul, and manages to turn the tables on him, tying him up in her fireplace. When Marjorie’s two friends return home, a tense argument ensues as each makes the case for what to do with Raul. Personal histories are shared, and secrets are spilled as Raul uses the knowledge he’s gained stalking the young women to negotiate his release. Extremities will play October 23-25, 2014.

Finally, Yankee Tavern, by Steven Dietz, will transport you inside the crumbling walls of a New York City bar. Just when you thought you’d heard every crazy 9/11 conspiracy theory, a stranger walks into the Yankee Tavern. There, a young couple finds themselves caught up in what might be the biggest conspiracy of all. This acclaimed production is a fierce, funny and ultimately mind-bending work of theatrical power that grips you until the final word. What you don’t know can hurt you. Yankee Tavern will play April 9-11, 2015.

DOUBT: Rehearsal Photos

Rehearsal photos from Doubt: A Parable, a Studio Players production opening April 10, 2014.



The cast of Studio Players’ second production of the 2013-2014 Season, The Laramie Project, has been selected. In order of appearance, they are Michael Eberhardy, Eric Rautmann, Hannah Benton, Elisabeth Albeck, Dan Hennell, Mike Roehl, Angela Ramey, and Jennifer Schleinz. Each actor portrays several characters in a series of vignettes that reenact interviews with the residents of Laramie, Wyo. following the murder of Matthew Shepard.

The Laramie Project is directed by Laurie Dillman and runs November 7-9, 2013 at The Paradigm Annex Theatre. Performances begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10.00 in advance at Paradigm Coffee & Music or at the door. Seating is limited.