iPhone 14 Review – What’s New in the iPhone 14?

During a recent iPhone 14 review, Apple’s new flagship showed off a few subtle upgrades over last year’s model. These include a better camera and faster performance. It’s also one of the most advanced smartphones around.

iPhone 14 Review - What's New in the iPhone 14

One of the biggest upgrades to the iPhone 14 is a new 5G modem. The modem is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 chip, and is rated for 10Gbps download speeds. This means that you should be able to stream videos and download music at a faster rate than on the older model.

Another upgrade is an improved accelerometer. Apple says that the new sensor will detect changes in cabin pressure and make a sound alert if you get into a simulated car crash. The new sensor is also rated to capture 2x more low-light images than its predecessor.

The iPhone 14 also includes a new feature that has been proven to save lives in the real world. It’s called Crash Detection. The technology works by training motion detection algorithms on more than a million hours of real-world driving. If you’ve ever been in a car crash, you’ve likely been alerted to it by an animated car crash screen on your iPhone.

For the camera geek in you, the iPhone 14 offers an ultrawide lens that is rated to deliver 2x better low-light performance than the iPhone’s regular camera. The new lens also offers autofocus, which will help you snap better shots in low light.

Apple’s new iPhone also has a number of other new features. The new display is a Super Retina XDR display, which is a pretty big improvement over the iPhone’s older screen. It’s also a bit lighter than the iPhone 13. Despite its slim profile, the iPhone 14 is also slightly thicker. This is thanks to a new internal design that helps with repairability.

Another new feature is the Emergency SOS via satellite. It’s a feature that can alert emergency services to your location in less than 15 seconds. You can use the feature to notify your designated contacts, or you can share your location with friends. However, this feature won’t be available until November. The good news is that it’s free for the first two years of ownership.

The iPhone 14 also features a new fitness app called Passkeys. It’s not the biggest app to come out this year, but it’s still a cool one. It will alert you to your physical activities, and allow you to create a custom lock screen.

Other upgrades include a new camera system, a new accelerometer, an improved gyroscope, and a better processor. The new A15 Bionic chip offers faster performance than the previous iPhone model, and keeps it from feeling slow. It also includes a new internal design to help with heat dissipation.

The iPhone 14 isn’t the most innovative or exciting release of the year, but it’s an improvement over its predecessor. Apple’s new phone looks good on its own, and it’s a worthy upgrade for most people.