How to Use Zomato for Your Business

Using the Zomato mobile app is easy. It lets you browse menus, place orders and take them to your location. The best part is that it is available in over 10,000 cities worldwide. And, it is free to download. The mobile app is available on iOS and Android.

How to Use Zomato for Your Business

In addition to the app, there is also a website. When you open the website, you are greeted by an overview page. This page contains a wealth of information about Zomato. From there, you can search for a restaurant, add the restaurant’s profile, bookmark a menu item and rate a restaurant. You can also find out about deals and offers that Zomato is currently running. The website also offers a widget that allows you to find nearby restaurants.

When you are ready to place an order, you can add the restaurant’s menu, your contact information, and select a payment method. You can also add a tracking ID, which will allow you to track your order online. You will receive a notification when the restaurant accepts your order. In addition, you will be able to view a menu of the restaurant, track the progress of your order, and view your order’s estimated delivery time. You can also see the current location of your delivery agent.

The Zomato mobile app comes with a few other perks, such as ad banners for your mobile device. These ads are designed to drive conversions. The mobile app also has a Google login feature, which allows you to use your Google account to log into the app. And, if you are looking for more than just food, Zomato also offers an email newsletter, ad banners for desktop, and collection widgets for your phone.

Another feature that is great for business owners is the Zomato analytics feature. Zomato records incoming calls and the performance of your ad campaign. Using this information, you can better understand how people use the platform and tailor your marketing strategy to meet their needs. You can also set up a series of widgets to encourage customers to leave reviews on your restaurant’s page.

Aside from the Zomato mobile app, there are also several other websites that offer food delivery services. These services provide you with an easy way to order food from restaurants that you might not be familiar with. These sites also offer coupons, which you can use for money off or cash back. But, before you can start using these services, you need to sign up for a Zomato account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up using your email address or Facebook. You will also be required to provide certain details about your business. The contact information you enter will be used to make contact with you if you have any questions.

The Zomato mobile app also has a home screen that displays restaurants that are near your location. These restaurants are grouped by city and by category. You can also browse by cuisine or cuisine type. You can also sort your search by distance or cost for two.