How to Use Prodigy Math in the Classroom

Using Prodigy Math is a fun way to engage students. It is a web-based program that adapts math questions to students of different levels. The program also includes a placement test and embedded assessments. Prodigy Math is an ideal resource for teachers, homeschoolers and parents who want to incorporate game-based learning in the classroom.

How to Use Prodigy Math in the Classroom

Prodigy Math is available for both iOS and Android devices. Using the free version of the game, students get to play math-based games and compete against other players to earn points and rewards. The paid version offers more in-game rewards.

Prodigy is also a good way for teachers to differentiate instruction. Students get a real-time report on their performance. The data can be used to identify common knowledge gaps. Teachers can also create assignments to help fill in these gaps. The site has a planner tool that makes it easy to assign topics. Prodigy also integrates with Clever, an app that helps teachers share their assignments with students.

Prodigy Math also offers an adaptive algorithm that ensures personalized learning. Students are placed in the grade level that best suits their needs. This means that students who are behind get extra practice on topics that they struggle with. The algorithm also revisits prerequisites to ensure that students are ready for the next level. It is also important to note that the algorithm is continually updating students’ learning as they progress. This way, they always receive the right amount of math practice.

The app also has a “story mode” where wizards can battle against other characters and battle special bosses. It also allows wizards to gain powers and talk to other characters. This is a great way to teach important life skills to students. Students also earn rewards for answering questions correctly.

Prodigy also offers free educational content for teachers. Teachers can use the app to assign questions at the end of chapters, units or units of study. This can be helpful for students who are not ready to complete assignments on their own. Teachers can also create Assignments to help students understand concepts and fill in knowledge gaps.

Prodigy also has an adaptive algorithm that adapts questions to students of different levels. This means that students get to practice the basic concepts while also having the opportunity to practice the more advanced concepts. It also gives students the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned. It’s a great way to make math practice fun for students and to keep test anxiety at bay. The program has been recognized as a “game-changer” by parents and educators. In fact, 7 out of 10 parents have reported that their children’s confidence improved after using Prodigy Math.

Prodigy is also compatible with other curricular standards and learning objectives. For example, teachers can use the app to assign Common Core State Standards or Ontario math curriculum. The app is also compatible with Google Classroom. This means teachers can create classes and import classes from other learning management systems.