How to Use Nearpod to Enhance Your Teaching

Whether you’re teaching in a classroom, at a distance, or online, Nearpod has the resources to make your lesson interactive and engaging. The app allows you to create live and interactive lessons, and even play educational games that deepen student understanding of any topic. Whether you’re looking for a lesson to help students learn about writing or a game to help them with science, Nearpod can help.

How to Use Nearpod to Enhance Your Teaching

Nearpod is available in silver and gold plans, which come with a variety of features. The silver plan is free and provides you with access to one of the largest libraries of K-12 ready-to-teach lessons. You can also download pre-made lessons and lectures, upload your own Google Powerpoint presentations, and create your own interactive videos. The gold plan gives you access to even more lessons, along with Virtual Reality, Virtual Classroom, and Virtual Field Trip features. It’s also worth noting that if you subscribe to the platinum plan, you get a ton of extras, including access to student notes, professional development, and virtual field trips.

Nearpod’s interactive video feature lets instructors embed YouTube videos and quizzes into a presentation. This makes it easy to create quizzes that students can take on their devices. The software also lets you set up prompts for students to take quizzes. Once they complete the quiz, information is saved to the Nearpod website, which allows you to see what students learned.

Other features include a library of standards-aligned videos, live webinars, and free professional development. Nearpod also provides a plethora of formative assessment activities. These include matching pairs, quizzes, and quizzes with interactive questions. These activities allow you to see what your students know, and can also be tailored to meet your lesson’s specific needs.

Nearpod is also great for assessing students’ prior knowledge. It can also be used to make creative writing tasks easier, as it includes an ‘Open-Ended Question’ feature, which automatically logs responses. You can also embed quizzes and polls into presentations, and even create your own interactive videos.

Another feature is the Draw It tool, which allows students to draw pictures or diagrams. This is great for early learners, as it makes it easier for them to see and interact with the content. The feature also allows you to see what students have learned, and you can provide feedback on their work.

Nearpod also provides a variety of interactive features, including the ability to create a digital exit ticket, and a ‘click-based game’ that teaches words. This is especially helpful for English learners. English learners can draw a doodle of what they learned, or click on specific items to hear new vocabulary read.

You can also create your own Nearpod lessons using Google Slides. The app guides you through the process, and once your lesson is ready, you can share it with your students. Nearpod’s library contains over 7,000 ready-to-teach lessons. This is a great resource to have in your teaching toolbox, especially for math and social studies classes.