How to Use Edpuzzle

Using Edpuzzle can be a fun and creative way to engage your students. The site offers a number of interactive features, including video clipping and questioning tools. It is also a useful tool for reviewing homework and prepping for tests. Edpuzzle has a library of videos, including videos from YouTube, TED Talks, Vimeo, and Khan Academy.

How to Use Edpuzzle

You can search for videos based on a topic, such as climate change. Once you find a video that you think your students will be interested in, you can edit it to include questions. You can also add questions to videos to gauge students’ understanding of the material. This is a particularly useful feature for elementary school students.

Besides videos, Edpuzzle provides a number of other features, including audio-replacement. This feature is especially helpful when you need to explain concepts in a step-by-step fashion. A voiceover can also help frame a video within a larger project, such as a research project. In addition to replacing the audio in a video, you can also record your own voice over. This can be particularly helpful when you want to emphasize a learning target or to remind students of a research project question.

Edpuzzle also allows users to share their videos with others. These videos can be shared on a number of sites, including Google Classroom, Powerschool, and Blackboard. Users can also connect their videos to other edtech tools, such as Clever and Schoology. Depending on your needs, Edpuzzle can also connect to other educational software, such as Moodle and Canvas.

Edpuzzle has a search bar that allows you to search for specific terms and lesson names. You can also search videos based on their content. The site also offers suggestions for high quality videos from partner sites, such as Vimeo and Khan Academy. The site is also designed to help teachers learn more about their students, allowing them to track their engagement with videos. In addition to these features, Edpuzzle provides a number of analytics that help teachers provide personalized and differentiated instruction.

Using the search bar on Edpuzzle’s website, you can search for videos that fit your particular lesson or school’s goals. The site also offers a curriculum library with videos that align with specific curriculum. Teachers can also use the search bar to locate videos that may be related to a specific topic, such as cheetahs or climate change. It is also possible to create a QR code that students can scan to view videos.

Edpuzzle also provides an audio-replacement feature that allows you to replace the audio in a video with your own voice. This is especially useful when you want to explain concepts to students, such as vocabulary words or synonyms. The original audio will be paused as your audio note plays. The audio note can also be used to illustrate a specific section of the video.

The site also provides a note-making feature that allows users to add notes to videos. These notes can be used to summarize a video, write a brief explanation of a concept, or highlight a specific section. The note-making feature is available in the “Questions” section of the video editor.