How Does Wyzant Work?

Tutoring through Wyzant is a great way for language learners to make progress. It’s easy to get started, and you can even find a tutor for a specific subject. There are over six thousand qualified tutors on the site, and most are willing to work from home.

How Does Wyzant Work

The company was founded in 2008 by Daniel Spence, an international teacher with a BA, MA, and TESOL certifications. He studied Norwegian and Mandarin Chinese. He wrote two books on language learning and is the founder of Online Teaching Review.

Wyzant is different from other tutoring sites in that it offers in-person lessons. You can also take advantage of its virtual classroom, which offers a video chat and real-time text editing. It also has a whiteboard for hands-on learning. This is helpful, especially if you’re learning a specialized language.

Before you can take a lesson, you need to register for the site. You can do so by using Chrome or Firefox web browsers. You also need to be 18 years or older. You must provide your email address, a valid SSN, and a cover letter. Wyzant will review your application and get back to you within 48 hours. It’s recommended that you also complete a background check to ensure that you’re eligible for the position.

Once you’ve registered, you can view the available tutors and their schedules. You can also contact them through email or message them on the desktop or mobile platforms. You can also set your cancellation policy. The company also offers a Good Fit Guarantee, so you won’t be charged for your first lesson.

Wyzant charges a service fee of 9% when you schedule a lesson. However, it also offers express pay, which will pay you directly after the lesson is completed. This is a handy feature for tutors who have busy schedules. You can also pay with a credit card, PayPal, or direct deposit. You will receive a link to the virtual classroom, where you can meet with your student.

Wyzant is a good option for tutors who are looking for a flexible schedule and independent income. However, you should only request to teach subjects that you have extensive experience in. You will be required to complete a background check and an Independent Tutor Agreement. This is important to ensure that you have the proper credentials and qualifications to teach.

Wyzant has an easy to navigate website. It also offers good customer support. Users can also use the online tutorials to practice their math skills. They also offer custom lessons for students preparing to take a language proficiency test. The company is well established, and continues to expand its services online. Tutors can earn $30 to $60 per hour.

If you want to earn extra money, you can also take surveys. You can do this through Survey Junkie or Inbox Dollars. Both of these companies pay you for your thoughts. You can also apply for a tutoring job on the Wyzant Job Board.