How Do I Join Someone in Kumospace?

Using the Kumospace platform, you can have a virtual office on your desktop, and you can also host a virtual gathering for friends or colleagues. It’s easy to get started with Kumospace, and it doesn’t require an account. Just make sure you have a device with a camera and microphone, and you’re ready to go.

How Do I Join Someone in Kumospace

Kumospace was founded by Brett Martin, who used to spend his days working abroad before the 2020 shifted to remote work. He was inspired by massively multiplayer online role playing games. The company aims to deliver a video chat experience that’s more immersive than your average video call. This is achieved through an innovative spatial audio and video feature. This feature, powered by Daily’s track subscription API, allows you to interact with your guests in real time. You can move around the virtual space, and even click on trays of food and drinks.

Kumospace also offers a variety of software integrations, including quick links to shared files and screen sharing. They’re also trying to solve the problem of onboarding, with a feature that alerts users when new conversations are started. There’s also a desktop app in the works. You can send status messages and private messages, and you can broadcast messages to your whole team. You can also create your own private room.

Kumospace recently closed a $21 million Series A round led by Lightspeed. This funding will be used to help expand the company’s product line and partner base. It also helps to fund the development of a desktop app. Kumospace has a 20-person team, but is constantly looking for engineering talent. It’s also transitioning from a private beta to a public beta.

Kumospace is also making a splash with a series of new software integrations. They’re building out new features, including an audio-only mode. In addition, the company has created a variety of new software integrations to make the experience more seamless for users. These include a new software integration with Hopin, which will share the Kumospace link with Hopin’s event platform.

One of Kumospace’s most notable features is its spatial audio and video feature, which provides a more immersive experience than a traditional video call. You can move around the virtual space, click on trays of food and drinks, and even hear your co-workers’ voices nearby.

Other features of Kumospace include a variety of virtual spaces, including bars, coffee shops, and private rooms. You can also create your own spaces, which are perfect for one-off events. There’s even a secret space, which you can only find by going on a treasure hunt.

Kumospace also has the largest avatars you’ll ever see. You can customize your avatar to include an icon that indicates you’re available. You can also see the avatar of your co-workers, and even see the avatar of a co-worker who’s currently offline. In the Kumospace widget, you can even share your status message with your co-workers.

While it’s not quite the sexiest technology on the market, Kumospace is an interesting platform to explore. It’s fun to use, and its features are impressive.