Cheugy Meaning Pokemon Violet Scarlet

Players are surprised to discover some modern slang for the “live” Pokemon to be bright and purple. Principal Clavel, headmaster of Naranja/Uva Academy, wants to keep up with the times, but needs help understanding what “cheugy” means. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are students of Naranja/Uva Academy. As part of the facility, students attend classes and interact with faculty and staff, including Principal Clavell. During the interaction with the head of the academy, he will ask what “cheugy” means and the player will be given three options. The answers you give will determine whether your friendship with Instructor Clavel will grow. Players are still not sure what will happen if you become his best friend, but it could mean some major updates.

Cheugy Meaning Pokemon Violet Scarlet

The term “cheugy” has become popular on TikTok and is often used to describe the opposite of trendy. It mainly refers to fashion, but can also be used to talk about slang and online behavior. This word is mostly used by young people, but over time it has also been adopted by older generations. Pokemon’s main audience is young children, so it’s no surprise that they added “cheugy” to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

During the dialogue with Director Clavel, the player will have three options:

“Something super cool”
“Being outdated and uncool”
“It’s a really chewy gumball”

The correct answer is number two, “outdated and uncool.” Choose the correct answer and you may or may not receive a reward. Some aspects of the game seem to be up in the air. Are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet different professors?
Whether you’re playing Naranja Academy or Uva Academy, depending on which version of the game you choose, Principal Clavell will appear in both versions. When it comes to the professor, each version has its own version. In Pokémon Scarlet, players will team up with Professor Sad in a prehistoric costume. In Pokemon Violet, players encounter Professor Turo in a futuristic outfit.