Brandwatch – A Review of a Social Big Data Platform

Using a social big data platform such as Brandwatch is a good idea for any brand that wants to stay on top of the latest trends. It provides an insight into consumer emotions and sentiments about their favorite brands and products. It also helps brands learn how to effectively share their messages with their followers. Its AI engine is capable of concluding billions of conversations. It also tracks trends and helps brands to foresee looming risks.

Brandwatch - A Review of a Social Big Data Platform

Brandwatch tracks billions of conversations online every day. This allows brands to see what people are saying about them and identify the influencers that can amplify their messages. They also track the best times to share their content. The platform uses proprietary web crawler technology to gather and organize data. It also indexes content by word. The platform also provides user-friendly tools such as the Emoji Cloud, Trending Topics, Word Cloud, and Geotagged Mention Maps. It is also a social media analytics company that measures the success of paid content.

The platform also provides users with pre-built categories and segments, and offers users the ability to plug in their own data. The system also offers advanced filtering, tagging, and customizable features to suit clients’ needs. It also supports a variety of text mining techniques, including natural language processing, machine learning, and text clustering. It also has a rules-based feature that allows users to create rules-based categories. It also offers a nifty graphical feature that allows users to see how different users respond to different types of content.

It also provides users with an in-depth view of digital and TV data. This allows users to analyze trends such as changing diets in the US. It also helps brands to track trends in hair trends in Asia. The platform also tracks news sites, forums, blogs, and videos. It also provides users with a dashboard that displays performance daily. This allows users to see how their brand is performing across social media channels and websites. It also features a Word Cloud, and a Trending Topics tool that displays trending topics for each individual social media site.

The best part of Brandwatch’s technology is its user-friendly interface and ease of use. It allows users to easily access data and organize cross-channel insights in a single dashboard. It also offers clients a level of flexibility they can’t get elsewhere. This includes being able to plug in data from other platforms, such as Excel sheets and offline databases. It also offers users a number of useful features, such as alerts, customizable charts, and flexible charting.

Brandwatch has the ability to sift through billions of conversations and provide a plethora of useful insights, such as the top employee advocates in their respective industries. Brandwatch has a large database of data and is constantly updating it. The company provides a range of content sources, including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It also offers a number of demographics, such as age, gender, and location.