Axie Infinity Guide – How to Play Axie Infinity

Whether you are a new player or an experienced gamer, this Axie Infinity guide will give you a basic understanding of how to play the game. Axies are Pokemon-like characters in the game that have unique traits and abilities. You can also breed them to produce new ones. These Axies can be sold and traded for cash and tokens.

Axie Infinity Guide - How to Play Axie Infinity

Axies have six body parts, each of which affects the stats of the Axie. For example, the Aquatic Axie has the highest speed and assault damage, while the Water Axie has the lowest critical strike chance. In addition to the body parts, Axies also have different skills. These skills are used to fight other Axies in the game. The game features three modes: Adventure, Arena, and Player vs. Environment (PvE).

Adventure mode is the easiest to learn. Players must level up their Axies by completing quests and earning EXP. They can also earn AXS tokens in PvE combat. Players earn more SLPs in this mode than in Arena. This mode also involves timed battles. Unlike Adventure mode, Arena mode is a little more complex. Players are rewarded with SLPs after each victory. If you are new to Axie Infinity, you should try Adventure first before going into the Arena. In this mode, you will not gain EXP but earn SLPs.

In Arena, players are matched against game-controlled Axies. They also earn SLPs by completing quests. The more SLPs they earn, the higher their rank. If you have a special-bred Axie, it is important to have one that can withstand the rigors of Arena.

To play Axie Infinity, you need a computer or mobile device running Windows or Mac. You can download the game on the official website. It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. To install the game, follow the instructions on the official website. You will need to sign up for the Apple TestFlight program.

Axie Infinity also features a marketplace, where you can buy, sell, and trade Axies. You can also purchase land plots to use as your Axie’s residence. You can also rent out land plots and earn money from the rent. If your land plot appreciates in value, you can sell it.

Axie Infinity is a game that requires a lot of dedication and time. It’s also a skill and strategy game that will take practice. Experienced gamers usually get the hang of the game after a few matches. Beginners, on the other hand, might find it difficult to comprehend the game. They will also have to learn the basics of Axies, their classes, and their traits. This helps them strategize and be more efficient in the game.

Axie Infinity is played on a virtual world called Lunacia. Players are matched against other players with their own team of Axies. To win a battle, players must defeat all of their opponent’s Axies. To win, players must have the best cards to use. Players will also have to make the best use of their energy. Each card or ability costs energy. Energy costs are displayed in an orange circle on the top left of the card.