All Battle Class Questions Answers and Rewards – Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

Because Pokemon Scarlet and Violet appear when you sign in, you can take multiple paths throughout the game. Have you mastered the game’s mechanics, which cover a wide range of topics such as math, history, art, and so on?

As more gyms are defeated, each subject unlocks more hours. After completing three courses, you must take an intermediate exam, and after completing all six courses, you must take a final exam. To pass the intermediate stage, you must get three correct answers; to advance to the finals, you must get four correct answers. Passing the midterm exam grants you 5 Exp Candy S. and pass the final for 5 Exp Candy M.

All Battle Class Questions Answers and Rewards - Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

Midterm Battle Class Answers Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

The higher a Pokemon’s Sp. Def, the less damage it takes from _____ attacks.
The answer is: Special

Which of the following has no effect on a move’s damage?
The answer is: The move’s name

How many Trainers are on a Tera Raid Battle team?
The answer is: Four

What is an effective method for breaking an opponent’s Tera Shield?
The answer is: Terastallizing and attacking

What is Ms. Dendra’s favorite type?
The answer is: Fighting

Final Battle Class Answers Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

Which cheer boosts Attack and Sp. Atk for all allies during a Tera Raid Battle?
The answer is: Go all out!

What do we call the battles that Pokemon sent out with the R Button do on their own?
The answer is: Auto Battles

How should you obtain LP?
The answer is: Exchange materials

High-level Pokemon are adjusted to what level when using Flat Rules in Link Battles?
The answer is: Lv. 50

When using Normal Rules in Link Battles, you can use multiple Pokemon of the same species and multiples of the same held item.
The answer is: True