Meet the Cast: Mike Roehl

MikeRoehl_colorName: Mike Roehl

Role: Raul

Last seen in: Laramie Project Sylvia (Studio Players), Musical Comedy Murders of the 1940’sEscanaba in da Moonlight (STC)

Who is your character in Extremities, and what’s challenging about bringing him/her to life?

I portray Raul. The quick and simple answer is…I’m not a rapist. That aside, the script allows for many different choices that an actor could make. These choices are challenging when [considering] power and control vs. sexual deviance.

What aspects of your character are part of you?

Raul can display a “softer” side as he tries to manipulate others. Albeit insincere on his part, I’d like to believe that side of ME is sincere.

What has been your favorite role to play on stage? Why?

I’ve had the privilege to portray many wonderful characters over the years. It’s difficult to chose just one. However, the role of George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life stands out for several reasons. Personally, I love Christmas and it was an opportunity to tell a classic Christmas story. It was a character that challenged my abilities and truly helped me grow as an actor. It was also the first play / role I did in which people took me aside and told me they not only enjoyed the show but, it touched them emotionally, on many personal levels.

What’s your dream role to play on stage? Why?

I’m not sure where or how it got started but, I’ve always had a fascination with The Three Musketeers. I’d like to portray one of them. The period, style, and stage combat would be challenging and exciting.

How is this show different from other shows you’ve done?

The language and violence….Way over the top from anything else I’ve done.

What is the audience going to be thinking about as they drive home after seeing this show?

“I’m glad we didn’t bring the kids”


Extremities runs October 23-25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Paradigm Annex. Tickets are available now online or in person at Paradigm Coffee & Music. This show contains mature themes and is intended for an adult audience.

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